Acupuncture points and needle effects:
Magnetic fields and electrical currents always coexist.  A magnetic field causes current and electrical current results in a magnetic field.  A piece of wire moving in a magnetic field will create electrical current.  Electrical current in a wire will also make a magnetic field around the wire.  There is electrical current in human body to balance sodium and potassium in every cell.   Imbalance in body’s chemical actions results in a disease.  I believe acupuncture needles that are made out of metal and could possibly interfere with the magnetic fields or the electric currents in the body.  Earth has a magnetic field as well with latitudes and longitudes.  Picture yourself standing with both hands above the head making an oval similar to the shape of the earth.  I believe the acupuncture points in human body could resemble crossing points of the Earth’s latitudes and longitudes.

  Acupunture Points of the Human body

Earth's Latitude & Longitude